Tanzania: DONET Set to Empower Youth

DODOMA Environmental Network (DONET), a non-governmental organisation, has begun a project to empower youths in six villages of Chamwino District in Dodoma Region of Tanzania. This project was established in order to solve the unemployment problem in the district.

The Executive Director of DONET, Joshua Mshuda, stated that the project is geared towards encouraging the youths to grab business opportunities available in their respective villages as this would also help to curb urbanisation among them. The villages that will benefit from this project include Msanga, Nzali, Dabalo, Chilonwa, Membe, and Igamba.

Mshuda noted that the project, funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), targets youths aged between 18 and 35 years, saying the eight-month project whose implementation commenced in July 2019 will be completed in February 2021. The main goal of the project is to encourage youths to start income-generating activities to address unemployment.

However, he urged the youths from the selected villages to show up in good numbers for the capacity-building programme.

‘The training programme aims at building [the] capacity [of] the youths, both girls and boys, to be able to recognise business opportunities available in their respective villages in order to generate income’, he said.

Mshuda added that his NGO came up with the idea to start the training to support youths due to urbanisation problems, saying there has been a growing tendency among the youths to move to urban areas to seek employment and other business opportunities.

Source: Daily News

Photo source: A Davey


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