About Development Diaries

Development Diaries, also known as DD, proudly operates self-styled advocacy journalism, a genre of journalism that champions social aspirations often overlooked and pushes for social change across the African continent. We focus on the impacts of policies and actions on individual communities and the environment rather than merely reporting events or statements.

Founded by ImpactHouse Centre for Development Communication and governed by third-sector leaders, media experts and publishers since 2013, we strive to engage and educate, by encouraging public dialogue and participation, and empower the public with useful information – a fitting response to Africa’s myriad challenges. 

Our thoroughly researched and compelling stories are written with the public interest in mind as we bring critical issues to light by promoting awareness and understanding, galvanising public opinion and prompting attention and action. We also provide context to African issues externally by combating stereotypes and simplistic narratives, offering a more nuanced view of the continent.