Apply: IFRA Grant for Covid-19 Data Collection

Deadline: 17 May, 2020

The French Institute for Research in Africa (IFRA-Nigeria) is offering small grants to support researchers based in Nigerian institutions who are willing to participate in this effort while the Covid-19 crisis is ongoing.

The first stage, which IFRA is implementing now, is the collection of data that will then help the research topics to be studied. Students and researchers who are interested should send a data collection project (not a research project) to IFRA.

This unprecedented situation will demand a fine analysis based on human and social sciences, backed by first-hand data collected both during and after the crisis.

  • The most relevant and original projects will receive a grant of €300, maximum, depending on the number of projects (the data collection has to be conducted within a period of three months, maximum; the dates have to be indicated)



  • Researchers, PhD and master‘s students based in Nigerian universities who have already conducted extensive fieldwork and are familiar with research methodology in humanities and social sciences
  • It is essential that the researchers who will receive IFRA funding respect the rules and regulations set by the federal government and the government of their state of residence
  • In their application for funding, researchers must explain how they intend to conduct their data collection without putting themselves or other people in danger and the safety measures they will adopt (priority will be given to data collection conducted online or in localised communities)


To apply and for more information, click here

Photo source: US Department of State


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