Attend: Mining, Oil and Gas and Energy Conference

What: Mining, Oil and Gas and Energy Conference and Exhibition (MMEC)

When: Postponed

Where: Joaquim Chissano Conference Centre, Maputo, Mozambique

Since 2008, MMEC has been covering the key developments, policies and projects in Mozambique’s extractive industries. MMEC showcases the huge opportunities in the mining, energy and oil and gas sectors and their impact on the economy of Mozambique. MMEC gathers the most influential stakeholders – financiers, investors, national and international operators, government officials – in Mozambique’s mining, oil and gas and energy sectors.

With over 400 participants originating from Mozambique’s extractive industries, MMEC presents a unique event that connects the main stakeholders in these sectors. The conference features a dedicated networking platform that allows attendees maximise their participation.

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Photo source: J_cadmus


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