Tanzania: UN Women to Empower Women, Girls


UN Women Tanzania has launched an initiative to empower and equip young women and girls with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and digital literacy skills.

Development Diaries reports that the project aligns with the organisation’s African Girls Can Code Initiative (AGCCI), which aims to train and empower women and girls aged 17 to 25 to take up studies and careers in the information, communication, and technology (ICT), education and coding sectors.

It is understood that the initiative is in partnership with Tigo Tanzania, under Honora Tanzania Public Limited Company.

Science, mathematics, and technology are essential to every individual, including under-represented groups, as they are essential to everyday living, as well as career opportunities.

Participation in science, mathematics, and technology education is essential for every individual, regardless of their differences, such as gender, ethnicity, class, or socioeconomic status.

Some of the factors that have been attributed to a gender gap in STEM education include gender stereotyping, male-oriented curriculum materials, male-oriented patterns of classroom interaction, and the socialisation of girls into dependence, nurturance, and passivity.

During her remarks, the UN Women Tanzania Representative, Hodan Addou, emphasised the importance of integrating young women and girls into the ICT sector as a necessary element to increase women’s representation in STEM-related fields.

‘When women participate in ICT, they bring diverse perspectives that are crucial for innovation and improved outcomes’, Addou said.

UN Women’s collaboration with Tigo is expected to focus on developing coding, robotics, and digital entrepreneurship skills for young women and girls, both in and out of school.

Photo source: World Bank


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