Tanzania: CSOs Launch Climate Change Awards

Ahead of the 2023 World Environment Day (WED), civil society organisations (CSOs) in Tanzania have launched awards to recognise the work of stakeholders in the response to the impacts of climate change in the country.

Development Diaries reports that the CSOs include the Tanzania Sustainable Development Initiative (TSDI), ELCA Environmental Consultancy, the Environmental Conservation Community of Tanzania (ECCT) and Human Dignity and Environmental Care Foundation (HUDEFO).

Dubbed ‘Watu na Mazingira-WaMa’ (people and environment), the awards seek to recognise the contribution of various stakeholders with regard to environmental protection.

It is understood that climate change impacts are already taking a significant toll on the livelihoods and well-being of Tanzanians as the East African country is experiencing severe weather extremes.

Increased temperatures, prolonged droughts and erratic rainfall are resulting in significant impacts to public health and livelihoods, with climate projections indicating that the situation is expected to intensify.

Addressing the media during the launch of the awards, the founder and Chairman of the Tanzania Sustainable Development Initiative, Fred Kwezi, said the organisations would cooperate with the Vice-President Office (VPO) in implementing the initiative.

‘WaMa Awards are of its kind in the country with the main goal of identifying and valuing the efforts made by various stakeholders including individuals, public and private companies as well as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)’, Daily News quoted Kwezi as saying.

He said the awards would be held every year towards the celebration of WED, which is observed every 05 June.

In particular, Kwezi highlighted a number of activities expected to be conducted towards the climax of the awards, including an exhibition and training on various environmental issues.

Other activities would include cleaning beaches and public places to encourage environmental protection.

Also speaking, the Executive Director of the ECCT, Lucky Michael, revealed that the awards will consist of 12 categories, including climate change and waste management.

She encouraged various stakeholders from the individual level, public and private sectors to support and participate in WaMa Awards in order to protect the environment.

Photo source: CGIAR Research Programme on Dryland Systems


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