Roundup: Education Issues Tinubu Must Address and Other Concerns

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Here is a roundup of some top stories from the past week.

Girls’ education challenges in Nigeria, Tunisia’s media clampdown, and the needs of rural communities in Ghana all got our attention during the week.

Tinubu’s One Year in Office: Addressing Girls Education Issues

As President Bola Tinubu marks one year in office, Nigeria’s education sector, especially basic and senior secondary education, requires his urgent attention. President Tinubu needs to work comprehensively with the governors of the 36 states to implement the National Plan on Financing Safe Schools 2023–2026 and the National Policy on Safety, Security, and Violence-Free Schools. Read more

Children’s Day: A Call for Enforcement of Child’s Protection Laws

Despite numerous efforts to improve their welfare, Nigerian children continue to encounter significant obstacles that impede their development and well-being. The Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development at the national and subnational levels must renew their commitments towards improving children’s safety and well-being. State governments must also ensure the enforcement of laws related to children’s rights. Read more

Tunisia: End Erosion of Judicial Independence

The harassment, prosecution, and denial of rights of judges Tunisia for the past two years show a decline in judicial independence in the country. President Saied should end the ongoing erosion of judicial independence in the country to reduce corruption, arbitrary governance, and human rights abuses. Read more

Ghana: Rural Communities Need Urgent Water Support

Some rural communities in Ghana are facing water challenges due to disparities in access to safe water and sanitation facilities between rural and urban settlements. The Ghanaian government needs to ensure that rural communities are prioritised in its effort to provide access to safe water and sanitation facilities across the country. Read more

Sudan: Who Is Protecting Children amid Malnutrition?

Child malnutrition in Sudan has reached high levels, and only urgent interventions and an end to the war in the country can prevent child starvation and death. All parties to the conflict must allow humanitarian access so children can receive food, water, medical care, and shelter. But most of all, children need peace. Read more

Tunisia: Clampdown on Media Unacceptable

Tunisia‘s increased rate of media clampdown has become alarming in recent weeks and calls for concern. President Saied’s government must respect the rights of journalists and uphold its obligations under international law. Read more

That is the roundup of some stories that made headlines last week. More headlines are available on Development Diaries or dev_diaries on IG and X, and development diaries on Facebook.


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