Performance Tracker: Engaging Public Officers for Accountability

With the launch of a performance tracker by the Nigerian government, citizens have another opportunity to hold their leaders accountable.

Development Diaries reports that the Citizens Delivery Tracker application was recently launched by the Central Delivery Coordination Unit (CDCU) of the presidency.

It is understood that citizens will also receive feedback on their submissions.

This is a great move that signifies a step towards accountability and transparency in governance, but what is expected of us as citizens, following this move?

How can we effectively engage with this platform and contribute to the improvement of governance?

First, it is important to understand the priority areas set by the government for each minister, as this will help us evaluate their performance more accurately and provide constructive feedback.

It is also important for us to stay updated on the progress made by ministers in their respective priority areas and check the performance tracker regularly to see if there have been any improvements or setbacks.

Also, when rating the performance of ministers, we must actively provide honest feedback based on tangible evidence and personal experiences. Constructive criticism can help identify areas for improvement and encourage accountability.

We should see this Citizens Tracker App as a platform for constructive dialogue between us and government officials to engage in discussions, ask questions, and express concerns to foster transparency and accountability.

We must also pay attention to recommendations and action plans proposed by ministers to address areas for improvement and follow up to ensure that these recommendations are implemented effectively and produce tangible results.

Development Diaries calls on all Nifgerians to actively use this tracker as a tool to demand accountability and transparency in governance.

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