‘Excellence’ Award: Addressing Alleged Corruption in Customs

Nigeria Customs

With his recent excellence award, the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Adewale Adeniyi, should further justify the recognition by addressing the pressing issue of corruption within the agency.

Development Diaries reports that Adeniyi recently received a certificate of excellence for his first 100 days of impactful public relations at the recent SABRE African Public Relations Association (APRA) Award.

We understand that securing SABRE recognition speaks volumes to the winner’s level of creativity, integrity and effectiveness in both public relations and governance.

We, therefore, wish to remind the customs boss that he has yet to respond to allegations of corruption in the NCS.

It has been three months since the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) released a report revealing deep-rooted corruption in the government agency, and no action has been taken by the Adeniyi-led customs or President Bola Tinubu.

The government’s silence on the allegations suggests a lack of willingness or ability to hold accountable those responsible for corrupt practices within the NCS, and this lack of accountability undermines the rule of law and erodes trust in government institutions.

The allegations of corruption plaguing the customs service undermine its integrity and efficiency. Adeniyi needs to address these issues head-on to ensure that the recognition he has received is not only a testament to past accomplishments but also a motivator for future reforms.

He needs to address the allegations to enhance the credibility of the NCS, foster public trust, and improve the overall effectiveness of the agency’s operations.

Development Diaries calls on the NCS boss, Adeniyi, to initiate an investigation into the allegations. This investigation should be led by an independent body with no affiliations with the customs service or any implicated parties.

The investigation should look into the extent of the involvement, identify individuals responsible, trace the flow of smuggled items, and assess the impact on national security.

The customs boss needs to take a proactive stance against corruption to bolster the NCS’s reputation, contribute positively to Nigeria’s global standing, and ensure that the certificate of excellence he has received reflects genuine and sustained improvements in the service.

Photo source: Nigeria Customs Service


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