Congo: Immediate Support Needed to Avert Catastrophe

Congo Displacement

Millions of people in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are at risk of facing catastrophic humanitarian conditions.

Development Diaries reports that armed groups continue to exacerbate violence, causing widespread displacement and straining an already fragile situation in the region.

In North Kivu alone, by the end of May, 1.77 million people had been displaced by attacks from the M23 rebel group – a staggering 16 percent increase from the previous report.

Earlier this month, a massacre of 42 people occurred in Lubero territory, and in recent days the strategically located town of Kanyabayonga has reportedly been seized.

The increase in gender-based violence (GBV), particularly sexual violence and exploitation targeting women and girls, is equally alarming.

Also, despite the Humanitarian Response Plan 2024 seeking to assist 8.7 million people and requiring USD 2.6 billion, it is only nearly 16 percent funded as of 06 May, 2024.

The DRC is considered one of the world’s forgotten crises due to its limited visibility and the global inaction it faces. Without an increase in humanitarian capacity and resources, the catastrophic situation in the DRC will continue to worsen.

Development Diaries calls on the international humanitarian community to help provide immediate support to the people of DRC to avert a worsened humanitarian situation.

Source: IOM

Photo source: Oxfam East Africa


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