2024 State Budget Proposals and Call to Citizens

As 32 state governors in Nigeria have presented their proposed budget for 2024, what should citizens of these states be demanding?

Development Diaries reports that Zamfara, Ondo, Niger and Katsina states have yet to present their 2024 budget proposals to their respective state Houses of Assembly.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2007 provides that budget proposals be prepared and submitted not later than four months before the commencement of the next financial year.

It is believed that if budgets are prepared, presented, and authorised before the planned fiscal year, there will be more time for implementation.

The budgeting practices of state governments have not resulted in increased wealth or improved human development indices over time. Rather, there is constant, widespread acute poverty, underdevelopment, dilapidated infrastructure, economic hardship, and hopelessness among the population.

Public funds, on the other hand, give the political class unrestrained luxury while a greater percentage of individuals languish in poverty.

In Nigeria, as in many other countries, the budget is a powerful tool that shapes the nation’s economic and social landscape; therefore, citizens must ask questions about the state budget estimates to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective governance.

One of the most important steps in making the government responsible for its financial actions is to challenge its budget estimates. Citizens can demand transparency on the allocation, use, and accounting of public funds by actively participating in the budgetary process.

This level of oversight promotes public officials’ sense of accountability by discouraging corruption and poor management. Through questioning, citizens can identify potential inefficiencies and discrepancies in budgetary allocations.

Also, understanding the budgetary process empowers citizens to make informed decisions and better equips them to engage in meaningful conversations, contribute to public discourse, and actively participate in the democratic process.

Development Diaries calls on citizens to pay attention to budget estimates and begin asking questions in their various states.

Furthermore, we call on state governments that have yet to submit their budget proposals to do so to give the legislature ample time to scrutinise the budgets for the benefit of citizens.

Photo source: Siminalayi Fubara


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