Soldier Insulting Governor: An Officer Must Never Do That

Beyond the Nigerian army’s condemnation of a viral verbal assault on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu by persons claiming to be soldiers, the army authorities must ensure stringent measures are in place to check acts of indiscipline.

Development Diaries reports that the persons claiming to be soldiers of the Nigerian army verbally attacked the governor for ordering the arrest of someone believed to be a soldier who drove against traffic.

Although the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, said only one of those behind the videos was a soldier and is being investigated for contravening what the army stands for, which is discipline, this development underscores the need for an urgent reorientation of military personnel.


‘From the mode of dressing of some of them, you will know that they are not personnel of the Nigerian army. One of them was wearing the cap badge upside down, and you will know that that is not personnel of the Nigerian army. An officer can never do that’, the army chief said during the opening of the Dragon Officers Mess in Abakpa Cantonment, Enugu State.

To address this instance and other instances where soldiers have exhibited lawlessness and unruly behaviours, an approach that balances accountability, discipline, and respect for human rights is needed.

Development Diaries calls on the army chief to ensure the public is informed of the outcome of its investigation. Also, the Nigerian army must adopt measures to properly educate the public on how to identify persons claiming to be soldiers. This would go a long way in helping to address the extent to which criminals make use of army uniforms.

Additionally, there must be an adoption of training and reorientation within the Nigerian military to reinforce adherence to legal and ethical standards.


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