Nigeria: NTJGP Raises Concerns over Palliatives

The Nigerian Tax Justice and Government Platform (NTJGP) in reaffirming its solidarity with the government and people of Nigeria, in their fight against the Covid-19, called on all levels of government to take action that will directly impact the well-being of vulnerable, marginalised, and under-served groups.

The NTJGP stated that if vulnerable groups, which the organisation defined to include the poor, the unemployed, small businesses and start-ups and those living with disabilities, are not properly targeted by the palliative measures announced by government, they are more likely to succumb to Covid-19 or its socio-economic consequences. The organisation also recommended that vulnerable groups be granted a tax holiday.

The NTJGP further urged government at all levels to improve the accountability measures in place to guide the disbursement of Covid-19 funds. Noting the N100 billion earmarked by the Central Bank of Nigerian for Covid-19 response, the N10 billion released by the federal government to the Lagos State government and the N5 billion released to the National Centre for Disease Control, the NTJGP said that all monies should be judiciously spent and accounted for. The organisation also urged government to adopt an inclusive approach in the use of all funds.

Highlighting the centrality of effective communication to transparency and accountability, the organisation said that citizens expect the government to disseminate timely information, on its strategies and spending, using both traditional and new media.

Source: Nigerian Tax Justice and Government Platform

Photo source: Sergio Santos


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