Nigeria: CLEEN Foundation Launches Covid-PSSC

The CLEEN Foundation, a non-governmental organisation that promotes public safety, security and justice in Nigeria, has launched a Covid-19 Public Safety Support Virtual Centre (Covid-PSSC). The electronic platform is designed to provide Covid-19 related, real-time information on public safety and security to Nigerians.

The platform will be used to report on citizen compliance with government directives as well as rights violations by security personnel. The Covid-PSSC platform will also be used by CLEEN Foundation’s state coordinators and volunteers to report the needs and conditions of vulnerable groups and communities, to aid health and security officials in their response to the pandemic.

CLEEN Foundation’s Executive Director, Benson Olugbuo, in a statement noted that there have been reports of security operatives destroying businesses who flouted the government’s directives in Lagos State. Olugbuo urged security operatives to work within the limits set by the Nigerian constitution and to follow the rules of engagement established for the policing of vulnerable groups.

Olugbuo also addressed some recommendations to both federal and state governments, to help in managing the Covid-19 pandemic. He said that adequate resourcing of testing, isolation and treatment centres should be priorities. He also stated that transparency and accountability, on the part of government, in the disbursement of Covid-19 donations are indispensable.

Source: CLEEN Foundation

Photo source: CLEEN Foundation


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