Nigeria: EiE Celebrates Milestone

From the #OpenNASS campaign to demand for an open, transparent and accountable National Assembly to the #OneVoice campaign to drive voter registration and voter education in Nigeria, across 17 states, Enough Is Enough Nigeria (EiE) has been in the forefront of promoting active citizenship and government accountability since its formation in 2010.

In the last ten years, EiE, a coalition of Nigerian youth advocacy groups promoting good governance and political accountability, has done the most to establish the perception that the ‘Office of the Citizen’ is the highest office in Nigeria, encouraging citizens to take up their positions in holding public officials accountable.

Celebrating the milestone of a decade with a series of events themed ‘Footprints’, EiE is kicking off its tenth year anniversary (#EiEat10) with a new campaign, One Person, to push the idea that one person can make a difference in society. One Person will share the stories of people who have made a difference in their communities to encourage members of the general public to share their own stories of how they make a difference.

Source: Enough Is Enough

Photo source: Enough Is Enough


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