Nigeria: Access Bank Launches Access9ijakids

With numerous organisations funding and developing new technological solutions to help nations cope with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Access Bank (AB), one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, has launched a 12-week e-learning initiative, Acess9ijakids, to help stimulate improvements in civic knowledge, financial literacy, and overall intelligence quotients among primary school children across Nigeria.

AB is in partnership with 9ijakids, a local education technology (EduTech) company that uses gaming to engage, educate, and reward Nigerian children. The initiative, which is powered by gamified technology, will serve as a preparatory ground for Nigerian children to learn financial management with a chance to have their AB Early Savers accounts rewarded with stipends from participation.

The Head of Sustainability, AB, Omobolanle Victor-Laniyan remarked, ‘As countries continue to grapple with the massive disruption to education caused by [Covid-19], [AB] has set up the Access9ijakids platform to support learning and knowledge sharing through the use of materials at a no-cost access.

‘The [Covid-19] crisis has resulted in a paradigm shift on how learners of all ages, worldwide, can access learning, and as part of our sustainability drive to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, we have provided a platform that our kids can easily interact with. Through this platform, we also aim to aid them in building their intelligence quotients by providing access to information relevant to real life problems’.

Commenting on the initiative, the Chief Executive Officer of 9ijakids, Titi Adewusi, said, ‘The idea of 9ijakids is to create learning moments from any topic using games, puzzles, songs, activity books, and so on. Our approach to our game portfolio is to look at the total child – not just academics, but also life skills like financial literacy, values, and most importantly, promote the Nigerian culture and heritage’.

The Access9ijakids programme aims to complement face-to-face educational learning among school children, with AB reinforcing its sustainability leadership and commitment in leading the drive for equal access to financial inclusion.


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