Malawi: End Legal Action against Journalist Mhone

The report of Malawian authorities targeting a journalist whose reporting delves into allegations of corruption involving the security services is deeply concerning.

Development Diaries reports that Nation Publications Limited journalist, Macmillan Mhone, is being accused of cyber spamming, publishing false news, and extortion.

According to findings by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Mhone was arrested in connection with two articles published in August 2023 by Malawi24, which alleged police involvement in corruption with a local businessman.

We understand that he was treated like a criminal as the police handcuffed him when he handed himself over to them on Monday, 08 April.

The CPJ believes that Mhone’s arrest points to authorities’ intolerance for reporting that sheds light on allegations of corruption involving the security services.

This action by the Malawi Police Service’s Cyber Crime Unit not only undermines freedom of the press but also obstructs efforts to combat corruption and ensure good governance.

The targeting of journalists in Malawi is a clear violation of their rights and a setback for democracy and transparency.

The government needs to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of citizens, including the freedom of the press.

Instead of resorting to censorship and intimidation, authorities should engage constructively with journalists and address any allegations of corruption through transparent and accountable mechanisms.

Development Diaries joins the CPJ in calling on the Malawian authorities to put an end to any legal action taken against Mhone and make sure that reporters can work without worrying about being arrested.

Source: CPJ

Photo source: CPJ


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