Liberia: CAF Donates Covid-19 Relief Materials

The Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF) is distributing Covid-19 relief supplies to residents of Grand Cape Mount County in Western Liberia. This move was done in fulfilment of a pledge made by Mr Alexander B Cummings through CAF.

CAF is a non-profit organisation set up by the Cummings family with a mission to empower and uplift Africa and Africans. It is engaged in a wide range of philanthropic projects in and out of Liberia, including water, health and sanitation, microloan, scholarship and mentorship programmes.

A team from the foundation visited the town of Sinje in Garwulor District and gave out supplies of rice, soap, and garri (cassava based-product) to residents who have been at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to CAF, their team will also visit other areas in Grand Cape Mount County, including Gbah, Bo Waterside, Gola Konneh and the capital, Robertsport, to offer relief supplies to residents.

The town residents were grateful for the kind gesture from the foundation. The donation adds to the long and rich history of charitable assistance by the Cummings family.

Source: Front Page Africa

Photo source: Tony Webster


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