IDDC’s Hashtag for Hope amidst Covid-19

Hope, at the moment, is one thing the world needs the most as it continues to battle the Covid-19 crisis that has claimed nearly 430,000 lives and crippled economies worldwide.

The International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI)’s social media hashtag, #Covid19Hope, collects and shares messages of hope from across Africa, bringing a sense of responsibility, courage, and positivity as the fight against the spread and effects of Covid-19 continues.

The messages inspire solidarity, like ‘Stay safe and stay at home, nothing deserves the risk unless it is your own health, I know it could be hard but we can invest all this time and share it with our loved ones. [A]fter all, this pandemic will pass and we will return to our normal lives’, from Dahlia Mohamed in Egypt.

Some inspire hope, like ‘There is hope, the world is more scientifically resilient than it was years ago. We are all in this together, we shall overcome’, from Debby Anumenechi in Nigeria.

And, ‘More than ever, this is a time to show love to yourself and to others just by staying safe. This is only a phase, don’t give up! Staying safe means staying alive to see yet another beautiful phase of life’, from Rukayat Odebiyi in Nigeria, fills one with hope, strength, and a sense of expectation for a better future despite the current challenges.

Source: Facebook

Photo source: Prachatai


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