Ghana: REFELA Educates Market Women on Covid-19

The Network of Local Elected Women of Africa (REFELA, in its French acronym) has begun the education of market women on Covid-19 in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale, Ghana. REFELA hinges on four thematic areas: promoting the leadership and representation of women in politics and good governance; ensuring zero tolerance for any form of gender-based violence; ensuring an Africa, a Ghana without street children; the economic empowerment of women.

REFELA targeted 150 women leaders in the markets and educated them so that they would go back to their base and educate other women groups within these markets. The markets that REFELA took the campaign to include the Aboboa grains market, the Shishagu satellite market, and the Jisonayile market among others.

REFELA’s Ghana president, Hajia Mariam Iddrisu, noted that the education of the women on Covid-19 is part of their activities to empower the women with knowledge to be able to protect themselves and their families. She acknowledged support from the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly (SMA), Action Aid Ghana (AAG), and RANS and Oxford offered during the launch of the Ghana chapter of the network.

A member of the network, Hajia Alima Sagito, said that women are considered front line workers whose role is to ensure their families are protected. She called on men to support the women in their bid to ensure their families are safe. She said that armed with the right information, women can lead the crusade.

‘This is a critical time that no voice should be minimised, therefore we expect husbands to listen to their wives when they have information on the pandemic’, she added.

Source: My Joy Online

Photo source: Allison Stillwell Young


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