Ghana: ABCF Opens ICT Centre for Students

The African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF) has announced a new Collaboration for IT and Communications Excellence programme, at a demonstration project at the Girls Model School in Nabdam, Ghana. The foundation, which had previously focused on donating Ghanaian-made bicycles to schools in rural areas to ease student mobility, recently announced this move.

The new development is to ensure that students in school are afforded the opportunity to know everything about ICT before they leave school. It has been shown that more than 9 million jobs in Ghana will require digital skills by 2030. The foundation’s programme hopes to play a role in helping young Ghanaians acquire the capacity to successfully enter a digital skills labour market.

At the event, a member of parliament, Honourable Dr. Kurt Mark Nawaane, noted that ‘it has been proven that computers and knowledge of information technology are important to those who are serious about moving schools and communities forward’.

The foundation’s president, Patricia Marshall Harris, noted that  ‘ABCF will continue to raise funds from corporate interests and individuals in the U.S., Africa, and elsewhere. The foundation’s focus, however, will no longer be on providing transportation support to students. Instead, ABCF will reach out to Ghana’s Ministry of Education, the Ghana Education Service, the worldwide private sector, schools, global technology leaders and universities to help Ghanaian students and entrepreneurs [become] leaders in a technology-driven global economy’.

Source: PR Newswire

Photo source: EIFL


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