Constitution Review: Lawmakers, Citizens Must Adopt Pan-Nigeria Approach

The review of Nigeria’s constitution by the House of Representatives is a crucial moment in the country’s democratic journey, and the needs of every Nigerian deserve utmost priority.

Development Diaries reports that the House of Representatives recently inaugurated a special committee to review the 1999 constitution.

The essence of democracy lies in representation, where the voices and needs of the people are reflected in governance. The concerns, aspirations, and struggles of Nigerians should be central to any constitutional review process.

The review process must also prioritise provisions that promote equity, inclusivity, and socio-economic development for all citizens because a constitution that fails to address these disparities perpetuates inequality and social injustice.

It is crucial to note that the effectiveness of governance is measured by its ability to meet the needs of the populace; hence, lawmakers need to incorporate the concerns of the masses into the review.

Nigeria has faced various challenges, including ethnic and religious tensions, insurgency, and political instability. A constitution that addresses the grievances of the people can contribute to national stability and peace. By ensuring that the constitution reflects the interests of all segments of society, the House of Representatives can mitigate potential sources of conflict.

Development Diaries calls on the review committee to ensure it reviews the constitution in line with reaffirming Nigeria’s commitment to democracy, social justice, and national development.

As for citizens, this is a crucial time to actively engage your lawmakers by ensuring that your views are heard and your interests are protected under the law during the constitutional review process.

Additionally, the committee should look into the gender bills that were rejected by the last assembly and prioritise them to allow for women’s inclusion.

Photo source: House of Reps


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