Attend: TYC Pan-African Youth Camp

What: TYC Pan-African Youth Camp, ‘Youth Empowerment and Investment for Sustainable Development’

When:  27–31 July, 2020

Where: Weruweru River Lodge Camping Site, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The third Pan-African Youth Camp (PYC) marks an important milestone in the roadmap towards having different youth empowerment and investment strategies in Tanzania and other East African countries. The camp is meant to be a youthful event; hence, it will be fun and meaningful in terms of its content. It will enable youth participants to learn and improve different skills while having the best experiential sharing sessions during the camp.

The Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) has been organising the camp since 2018 in the framework of the African German Youth Initiative (AGYI). This third edition will enable participating youths and other invited stakeholders to reflect on different schemes for youth development in start-ups, formal and non-formal sectors as well as marginalised groups. The event will also bring government representatives to showcase how governments are involved in national strategies, plans and investments that are carried out by government agencies such as National Empowerment Council (NEEC) that contribute to ensuring that no one is left behind as far as economic empowerment is concerned, especially for youths. It will also provide an opportunity to refine commitments of actions and pledges from key stakeholders. It will encourage country leadership and learning in order to properly prepare the national plans to advance the implementation of youth development and the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals.

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