Apply: TYC Pan-African Youth Camp

Deadline: 21 June, 2020

Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) invites applications for her third Pan-African Youth Camp 2020 for Young Changemakers.

The TYC Pan-African Youth Camp marks an important milestone in the roadmap towards having different youth empowerment and investment strategies in Tanzania and other East African countries. The camp is meant to be a youthful event; hence, it will be fun and meaningful in terms of its content. It will enable youths to learn and improve different skills as well as have the best experiential sharing sessions during the camp.


  • Learn from fellow East African changemakers about best practices demonstrated in their initiatives and projects such as youth startups, youth exchange programmes, apprenticeship and traineeship programmes for youth development
  • Opportunity for participants to disseminate the results of their successful youth development programmes such as youth startups, youth exchange programmes, apprenticeship and traineeship programmes
  • Meet fellow changemakers and share what works and what does not, and identify synergies and ways of working together to help the future of youth development in East African countries
  • Meet and network with relevant stakeholders in the field of youth development
  • Learn from great facilitators in youth development issues
  • Learn and better understand the growth mindset towards realising personal and national growth
  • Create long-lasting connections and networks with fellow, like-minded youth changemakers
  • Youth mentorship through peer to peer consult
  • Learning more about youth problems and solutions
  • Understand the ecosystem of youth start opportunities and risks


  • The applicant must be a Tanzanian or East African national from Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Uganda, aged between 18–29 years
  • Must be fluent in English but ready to support diversity through a local language, Kiswahili (there will be no translation services)
  • The young changemaker must be implementing a youth development project which has an impact on society
  • The project implemented must be innovative and should either comprise of an exchange programme as a product or use an exchange programme’s knowledge as an enabler in the implementation of the idea
  • The participant should be ready to come with the practical items of their project in order to showcase them during the camp
  • The participant must be ready and willing to live a camp life, including sleeping in a Safari tent and using other camp gear during the camp
  • Be curious, open-minded, appreciate diversity and willing to learn from others’ initiatives
  • Preferably be involved in a start-up, organisation or network, institution, formal or informal group as a multiplier of one of the SDGs or have founded their own startup as a changemaker in the society
  • Possess a sense of responsibility for their actions, a commitment to personal and community development and to continue the engagement with other participants beyond the youth camp
  • Be motivated to learn and apply the values and approaches for being a changemaker in the society
  • Be involved in youth or community projects in their community and motivated to implement youth initiatives for SDGs
  • Alumni of different youth exchanges, particular those between Germany and African countries and have impacted their local communities upon returning from an exchange or volunteer programme are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Participant should be highly motivated, innovative, creative and independent thinkers with a Pan-African spirit. Knowledge of Agenda 2063 is an asset
  • Participant should be a changemaker with different actions that have a great impact not only in their societies but the potential to influence at the global level
  • Should be available and able to travel to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, for the youth camp
  • Should be willing to share their username of social media platforms/accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, if available

To apply and for more information, click here.

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