Attend: Ninth World Conference on Climate Change

What: World Conference on Climate Change

When: 12–13 October, 2020

Where: Zurich, Switzerland

The Earth’s atmosphere has changed all through history. Earth-circling satellites and other innovative advances have empowered researchers to see the ‘10,000 foot view’, gathering a wide range of data about our planet and its atmosphere on a worldwide scale. The Ninth World Conference on Climate Change will put on centre stage the latest research and advances in climate science.

The World Conference on Climate Change provides the best platform for young researchers to share ideas with both peers and mentors. It offers a opportunities for young researchers to strike up collaborations. The conference is also the forum for recognising young scientists through awards designed to motivate participants to strive to realise their full potential, which will in turn be benefit the field of climate science as whole.

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Photo source: United Nations Photo


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