Attend: Africa Entrepreneur Conference 2020

What: Africa Entrepreneur Conference 2020

When: 23–24 September, 2020

Where: Accra, Ghana

Africa Entrepreneur Conference (Afriprenuer Conference) is an international gathering of African entrepreneurs, businesspeople and investors. The conference also brings together students and professionals as it seeks to promote entrepreneurship for jobs and wealth creation, across the length and breadth of the continent thereby transforming the continent through entrepreneurship.

Africa has the largest youth population in the world with the average age being 19 and the current challenge of high levels of unemployment. A study by the African Centre for Economic Transformation, claims over 10 million graduates are churned out each year from more than 668 universities across the continent to face the challenge of unemployment.

Hundreds of others, in search of a better life and opportunities, die each week in the Sahara desert and in the Mediterranean Sea, en route to Europe. One of the ways forward for Africa is entrepreneurship, and the Africa Entrepreneur Conference offers the platform to inspire young African people to establish businesses and create jobs and wealth for the transformation of the continent.

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Photo source: USAID in Africa


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