Attend: ID4Africa Annual General Meeting 2020

What: ID4Africa Annual General Meeting 2020

When: 28–30 October, 2020

Where: Marrakesh, Morocco

A key component of ID4Africa’s activities is the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which represents the movement’s most extensive channel of impact and engagement, physically uniting over 1,300 stakeholders from the identity ecosystem. The objective of the AGM is to give the continent a sustainable voice for identity matters. Through the AGM, African governments jointly explore how digital identity and aligned services can advance socio-economic development in their countries.

The AGM consists of two main components, the conference and the exposition, which reunites, under one roof, three key stakeholder groups in the ID4Africa identity community: leading identity stakeholders from African governments, international development agencies and the private sector.

To attend and for more information, click here.

Photo source: ID4Africa


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