Attend: Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2020

What: Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2020, ‘Building and Sustaining International Relationships in between Covid-19’

When: 30–31 July, 2020

Where: Online

Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2020 provides a platform for e-enthusiasts to discuss the promotion of entrepreneurship with a global perspective. The summit will serve as a conclave for the discussion of opportunities and programmes aimed towards the same. The summit will also see the active participation of leaders from entrepreneurship cells from various sectors across the world. The entrepreneurship cells of the world are being brought to one place to learn from the support system present in world universities and learn how to implement the same to effectively promote entrepreneurship in their respective areas.

Participants will personally interact with people from different areas of entrepreneurship: small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs), bank, accounting, finance, investment, economics, management, supply chain management/logistics, operations management, management data systems, marketing, e-commerce, energy problems, business finance, finance education, accounting education, enfranchisement and education, education finance, innovation, and regional development.

The right conference can be a game changer for your professional career. More importantly, the round table conversations bring the experts networking and creates the goldmine of opportunities.

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