Youthmakers Hub: Between the World and Africa

Youthmakers Hub is a non-governmental organisation that has embarked on a quest to give the youth of Africa the broadest education possible. The organisation is also addressing the problem of lack of information and opportunities for young people. One premise of its work is the notion that giving young people opportunities to study both in their country and in other countries helps to shape their minds and broaden their intellect.

Youthmakers Hub has dedicated itself to promoting equal professional and educational opportunities for African youth, and was set up to inform and encourage agencies and young people to participate in mobility programmes like Erasmus+. To that end,  Youthmakers Hub organises special seminars at universities, NGOs and citizen fora. Youthmakers Hub also helps African universities organise educational programmes in conjunction with European institutions. In this area, Youthmakers Hub focuses on showing African institutions how to identify good partners and excellent opportunities for collaboration, how to communicate their proposals for collaboration and how to get the best from such collaborations.

In just two years, the  Youthmakers Hub team has trained 3,000 university students. The organisation has also trained academics at 13 universities in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Algeria. They have made presentations on exchange opportunities to 210 NGOs and 73 civil society organisations, in addition to reaching hundreds of secondary school students. They have brokered dozens of partnerships between African and European universities and NGOs.

The young minds who set up the organisation know there is nothing more important than the empowerment of young people across the continent and that true empowerment is only made possible through worldclass education.A professor of Ginning Engineering at Busitema University in Uganda, Edwin Kamalha, said he would like to see more African universities participating in European mobility programmes. He asked, pointedly, ‘If young men and women do not travel, how are they supposed to evolve and debunk their stereotypes?’


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