World Toilet Day: Restroom Etiquette to Observe

world toilet day

The toilet is a sanctuary for personal hygiene, but its usage is often taken for granted. Whether you are at home, work, or in a public restroom, practicing proper toilet etiquette ensures a more pleasant experience for everyone.

In commemoration of 2023 World Toilet Day, here are tips to explore for efficient toilet use.

1. Flush responsibly

Always flush the toilet after use. Not only does it help maintain cleanliness, but it also ensures the next person has a fresh start. If the toilet has an automatic flush sensor, be patient and allow it to do its job.

2. Aim for accuracy

Ladies and gentlemen, precision matters. Aim for the centre of the bowl to minimise splashing and maintain cleanliness. If you do make a mess, use toilet paper to clean up after yourself.

3. Mindful seat usage

Be considerate of others, especially in shared spaces. If you are lifting the toilet seat, make sure to put it back down when you are done. This small gesture can prevent unnecessary inconvenience for the next user.

4. Proper paper usage

Toilet paper is a precious resource. Use an appropriate amount to clean yourself, and dispose of it properly.

5. Maintain personal hygiene

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet. This simple practice helps prevent the spread of germs and ensures you leave the restroom with clean hands.

6. Mind the odour

Carry a travel-sized air freshener to combat unpleasant odors. Be discreet and respectful, as strong fragrances might be bothersome to others.

7. Respect privacy

Give others the space and privacy they deserve. Avoid striking up conversations or playing loud music in public restrooms. Maintaining a quiet and peaceful atmosphere benefits everyone. 

8. Considerate time management

Be mindful of the time spent in the restroom, especially in shared spaces like work or public facilities. Others may be waiting, and efficiency ensures a smoother experience for everyone.

9. Carry essentials

Consider keeping a small hygiene kit with essentials like hand sanitiser, wet wipes, and tissues for situations where the restroom may not be adequately stocked.

Toilet etiquette is a subtle art that, when mastered, contributes to a more pleasant experience for everyone.

By following these tips, you not only ensure a clean and functional restroom but also demonstrate consideration for those who will use the facilities after you. Let us strive to make the world of toilet use a more courteous and comfortable one.

Photo source: SuSanA Secretariat


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