Two Wheels for Life Calls for Monthly Donations

Two Wheels for Life is a non-governmental organisation that provides healthcare in African villages using motorcycles and motorcycle ambulances, under a programme called Riders for Health. The organisation was set up about 30 years ago in response to the AIDS crisis, but it is now taking on the challenge of Covid-19.

The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Two Wheels for Life, Andrea Coleman, has urged people to consider setting up a ‘small monthly donation’ to assist the organisation as it ramps up its response to Covid-19. In a letter posted on the MotoGP website, Coleman urged fans of MotoGP to consider making donations that will assist in the ongoing Covid-19 fight. She said, ‘We want to let you know, frankly, how [Covid-19] is affecting our organisation. As you know this has hit our sport hard and this creates a real challenge for us, as MotoGP is our main source of income. [If] you have not already, we ask you to consider setting up even a small monthly donation so we can continue to support the delivery of health services where they are desperately needed, now more than ever’.

‘This disaster is likely to be exacerbated by the lack of transport for medical care and supplies. We think that, as in the case of Ebola, motorcycle transport will be essential for making sure medical centres are stocked with necessary drugs and that test results can be returned quickly for diagnosis and to prevent the spread of [Covid-19]. We are keeping in touch, daily, with the Riders for Health programmes we support so we can respond quickly to their urgent and changing needs’, she added.

Source: Visor Down

Photo source: Julien Harneis


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