Nigeria Budgets for Yacht While Citizens Endure Hardship

The idea of the Nigerian presidency proposing a budget for a yacht amidst widespread poverty in the country and an ailing economy raises responsible leadership concerns.

Development Diaries reports that the Nigerian government proposed a sum of N5.095 billion in the 2023 supplemental budget for the purchase of a presidential yacht.

It is understood that the amount was earmarked for the yacht under the capital expenditure for the Nigerian navy.

The idea of proposing to purchase a yacht amidst widespread poverty is beyond ridiculous; it is insensitive, especially at a time when 133 million Nigerians are living in extreme poverty, which has been worsened by the removal of fuel subsidy.

Nigeria is grappling with significant socio-economic challenges, with millions of citizens living in poverty, lacking access to basic necessities, and struggling to make ends meet.

In such a situation, it is essential for the country’s leadership to prioritise the welfare of its people over extravagant personal indulgences.

A yacht, often associated with opulence and luxury, sends the wrong message to the populace and reflects a lack of empathy for their hardships.

It is crucial for the president to lead by example, demonstrate fiscal responsibility, and channel resources toward policies and programmes that address poverty, unemployment, and infrastructure development, ultimately improving the lives of the masses.

Any extravagant personal expenditures, particularly in a time of great need, can erode public trust and fuel discontent, which is counterproductive to the nation’s progress.

It is also important to state that under the State House section of the budget, N2.9 billion was earmarked for the purchase of sports utility vehicles (SUVs); and the purchase of official vehicles for the office of the wife of the president (N1.5 billion); amongst other ridiculous expenses.

What Nigerians want to see are clear-cut actions towards reducing the cost of governance, not President Bola Tinubu telling the nation that his son, Seyi, has been banned from attending the Federal Executive Council meeting. No one is interested in what appears to be an act of grandstanding.

President Tinubu has constantly appealed to Nigerians to endure hardship while his government continues to formulate policies that inflict more suffering on the people.

He is clearly asking Nigerians to endure pain while making no moves to cut down on the cost of governance or endure any form of pain himself.

This is totally unacceptable.

Development Diaries calls on the president to suspend any plan to spend that ridiculous and provocative amount on a presidential yacht and focus on genuinely addressing the hardship that millions of Nigerians are facing.

We also call on the National Assembly to reject the budget for the procurement of a presidential yacht and review other spending in the proposed 2023 supplementary budget.

Photo source: Bola Tinubu


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