The Gambia: Karmic Angels and SFSF Feed the Needy

Karmic Angels (KA), a UK foundation, and the Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation (SFSF) had joined forces to distribute free bread to needy Muslims in Gambia.

The two foundations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide support to the needy. The foundations distributed 360 loaves of bread worth D2,520.

The Country Fundraising Coordinator for KA in Gambia, Mohamed Touray, stated that the two foundations have requested financial assistance from donors in order to help the needy in this holy month of Ramadan.

‘When we accumulated the resources from benefactors, we deemed it necessary to purchase loaves of bread and distribute it among needy Muslims’, Touray noted.

The representative of SFSF, Kemo Kitabou Singhateh, added that the gesture is part of continuing the legacy of the late Sir Farimang Singhateh, and that the foundation believes that it is essential to provide for the poor.

Touray also stated that the two charitable organisations are helping people in this holy month of Ramadan because many of them lack the financial capacity to buy bread for their families.

Source: The Point

Photo source: Sylvar


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