The Gambia: AGA Cheers up Bambako Families

Altogether Giving Africa (AGA) has delivered several cartons of cloths and shoes to some families Bambako village in Kiang, The Gambia.

Development Diaries reports that inflation has been a major concern for the country, reaching decade highs in 2022, mainly due to shocks in global commodity prices, according to the World Bank.

‘Our model of living our values has strengthened our pillars and preserved our structures. As a result, fueling our purpose is a vital element in achieving our objectives’, AGA’s founder, Angie Graham, said.

‘Each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.

‘We are humbled and grateful to be in a position to enhance people’s lives. Small acts, when multiplied by many people, can transform lives’.

Poverty is estimated to have increased, largely due to the country’s weaker growth in per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and higher food prices, further eroding the purchasing power of households.

The modest growth in per capita income has not been sufficient to make a significant impact on poverty reduction.

A charity based in the United Kingdom and The Gambia, AGA raised funds to support the restoration and strengthening of a family’s home in Bafuloto after it was destroyed by torrential rain.

Photo source: AGA


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