Sudan: Women, Girls Deprived of Human Rights

Women and Girls

Women and girls in Sudan are being held in inhumane conditions as the power struggle in the country rages on.

Development Diaries reports that at least 20 women and girls are captives under slave-like conditions in areas under the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) control in Darfur, as revealed by the United Nations Human Rights spokesperson, Liz Throssell.

The conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Force, which began in mid-April 2023, has become a hotbed for numerous war crimes and grave violations.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), more than four million women and girls are at risk of sexual violence in Sudan.

Throssell, in a statement, said women and girls are being allegedly forcibly married and held for ransom, with credible information obtained suggesting that over 20 women and girls have been taken under the watch of the RSF.

‘Some sources have reported seeing women and girls in chains on pick-up trucks and in cars. Initial allegations arose early in the conflict in the Khartoum area, which has remained largely under the control of the Rapid Support Forces’, Throssell said.

At least 105 people have been subjected to sexual violence since the hostilities began.

Earlier in July, the Darfur Bar Association (DBA) said it received several reports about the existence of women slave markets in North Darfur but could not confirm them.

The Ministry of Social Affairs’ Combating Violence Against Women Unit also said its documented rape cases likely represent only two percent of the total cases, meaning there have been a possible 4,400 cases of sexual violence in 11 weeks alone.

Development Diaries calls on the Sudanese authorities to prioritise the safety and freedom of civilians, especially women and girls, in the ongoing conflict and ensure those being held captive are freed from captivity.

We also call on the African Union (AU), through its Peace and Security Council (PSC), to intervene in the crisis and ensure peace is restored to the country.

Photo source:  Dabanga 


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