Sudan: Newborns Need Urgent Support


About 29,250 babies in Sudan will be born without medical assistance in the next three months, putting them and their mothers at risk of health complications or even death.

Development Diaries reports that of the 45,000 babies estimated to be born in the next three months across the country, only 35 percent will have access to healthcare services.

Due to ongoing attacks on medical personnel, supplies, and facilities by armed groups, the nation’s health system has all but collapsed after months of violence.

Where health facilities remain open, a lack of medical supplies, including blood bags and oxygen, water, fuel and personnel, severely disrupts services.

Also, some 25,000 pregnant women are estimated to be on the move across Sudan, likely cut off from health services and the right nutrition needed to support their growing babies.

‘When the conflict broke out in April, millions of people were pushed into hell. Tens of thousands of new lives will be born into this anguish – more than half with no access to healthcare’, Save the Children’s Country Director for Sudan, Arif Noor, said in a statement.

‘In addition to internal conflicts, Sudan has faced economic hardships, including hyperinflation and shortages of basic necessities, further contributing to the vulnerability of its population.

‘Sadly, a nightmare of violence, dread, hunger, illness, and distress is the daily reality for 22 million children in Sudan, as the year comes to an end’.

Development Diaries calls on the Sudanese authorities to ensure health care services are accessible to every citizen of the country.

We also urge all parties to the ongoing conflict to ensure health care facilities and workers remain unharmed, as enshrined in international humanitarian laws.

Photo source: Save the Children


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