Standard Chartered Donates to Red Cross, Others

Standard Chartered (SC) has donated $11.8 million to the Red Cross (RC), UNICEF, and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and government partners providing emergency relief across Africa and the Middle East. The donation was part of its $10 million pledge – $5 million to Red Cross and $5 million to UNICEF – to support Covid-19 emergency relief activities across its markets in Asia and Africa.

The Regional CEO, SC Africa and the Middle East, Sunil Kaushal, stated, ‘[SC]’s purpose is rooted in our communities as we strive to create sustainable prosperity in the markets where we operate. By working with [RC] and UNICEF, we can support those affected by this crisis and together overcome the adversities we currently face’.

To ensure donations are allocated on the ground where they can provide rapid and targeted impact, SC pledged $3.55 million of funding to RC for urgent medical support in nine markets across Africa. It further pledged $3.25 million to UNICEF for the immediate protection and education of vulnerable children in Pakistan and across eight markets in Africa.

It was also noted that in addition to the $6.8 million donated to RC and UNICEF in the region, SC pledged $5m to local NGOs and government partners across Africa and the Middle East, bringing the total donations to $11.8m.

In appreciation of the donation, the Regional Director for Africa at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRCRCS), Dr. Simon Missiri, thanked SC for the generous donation and said that with the donation, IFRCRCS can now support local communities facing increasing challenges due to the pandemic.

The Director of UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division, Gary Stahl, said, ‘With the majority of the world’s children living with some form of pandemic-related movement restrictions and 1.3 billion children around the globe affected by school closures, UNICEF’s work for children has never been more critical than now’.

He noted that with this donation, UNICEF would be able to support remote education via TV, radio, online and mobile platforms, and child protection measures for vulnerable children across the world.

Stahl added that SC has put in place a comprehensive support programme for their clients, including $1bn of financing for companies that provide goods and services to help the fight against Covid-19.


Photo source: Can Pac Swire


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