South Africa: BLT Launches Its Foundation

Blue Label Telecoms (BLT) has launched its Trust Blu Foundation, which aims to strengthen and empower communities in South Africa. At the launch, Blue Label Telecoms cofounder, Brett Levy, said that the company is committed to community development and philanthropy. The launch of the foundation therefore enables the company to increase its impact, ramp up its efforts and formalise its strategy for partnering with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs.

‘We are excited about the opportunity to bring a fresh approach to social investment and philanthropy in South Africa’, Levy said. The Transformation Manager of Blue Label Telecoms, Bianca Lima-Boekhoud, also noted that the foundation’s ultimate aim is to work with the private and public sectors along with nonprofit and community organisations to create economic opportunities for youth and entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities. Boekhoud also said, ‘[O]ur ambition is to work with our partners to build a more scalable, sustainable and integrated model that unlocks higher returns from the investments the public and private sector make in transformation and social programmes each year’.

One of the foundation’s partners, the Executive Director of Women and Men against Child Abuse, Kevin Barbeau, applauded the company for its work and commitment. He also said, ‘It is no secret [that] South Africa is currently facing high levels of unemployment, rampant gender-based violence and corruption at an unprecedented level, the list goes on and on. This is why I think that it is a perfect time for this launch and for the country’.


Photo source: Paul Saad


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