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What: International Conference and Exhibition on Digital Education, ‘Education Fuels Innovation, Investment Amplifies Skills: Africa’s Vibrant Leap Forward’

When: 29–31 May, 2024

Where: Kigali Convention Centre, Rwanda

The International Conference and Exhibition on Digital Education seeks to ignite the creative and innovative thinking that will secure Africa’s future.

In the face of global shifts, Africa grapples with the challenge of realising the African Union’s (AU) Agenda 2063. Addressing climate change, harnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution, and uplifting a young, growing population are urgent priorities.

Against this backdrop, education and skills stand as key pillars to address and overcome these hurdles, hence, investment in socio-economic initiatives and future-ready education is imperative.

Success demands skilled workers and educators to bring about social and economic prosperity. Moreover, making innovation a staple in our business cycle is crucial for sustained benefits.

The 2024 eLearning Africa theme, ‘Education Fuels Innovation, Investment Amplifies Skills’, articulates the essential roles of education and skills in national investment and innovation. This symbiotic relationship is central to the evolution of education and skills development among Africa’s vibrant youth.

It is believed that high-quality education lays the groundwork for developing critical competencies and sparks ground-breaking ideas.

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