Orange Card Project to Empower Ondo Teachers

Orange Card Project has announced plans to empower about 10,000 public school teachers in Ondo State, southwest Nigeria, with grants and training to improve the welfare of the teachers.

Development Diaries reports that teachers in the state would benefit from commodities, loans and home appliances worth over N20 million.

According to the Lead Consultant for the Orange Card Privilege Card Project, Ladipo Oke, teachers in the state would get exclusive training for free, scholarships to its academy, entrepreneurship training, as well as free smart academy training on the use of digital teaching aids and equipment.

Oke said, ‘This organisation has decided to take the bull by the horns by seeing how to intervene on the current disconnection in our educational system where we found out that the real major change is to focus on the real people which are the teachers.

‘What Orange Privilege Platform is creating is a platform where teachers’ welfare, well-being, wellness and career profiles can be accessed’.

Photo source: Nigerian Tribune


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