Nigerians, ‘No Gree for Anybody’ This Year!

No gree for anybody

I have observed that ‘no gree for anybody’ is the new slogan trending among young Nigerians on social media since the start of 2024.

The slogan simply translates to not giving in to any challenge in this new year.

But for us at Development Diaries, it means more than just a hashtag or slogan.

It is our way of urging you, citizens, to remain active in carrying out your civic responsibilities by holding our political leaders, including the president, governors, lawmakers, and all government appointees and officials, accountable.

This year, we must shine our eye o, to avoid stories that touch. You know what I mean, right?

I was curious when I first came across the slogan, and then I had to take a stroll on the streets of social media to understand the context, and I must say it is a positive way to begin a new year, bearing in mind that no nonsense will be allowed this year and there will be no excuse for failure.

What also came to mind upon noticing the trend is that, in the same vein, citizens must ‘not gree’ for any nonsense from their leaders this year.

We must refuse to agree to any promise-and-fail government this year. Why do I say this? This energy must be put into demanding accountability from our leaders, both at the local government level, state level and federal level.

How about we start by asking questions about the recently passed national and various state budgets?

President Bola Tinubu signed the N28.78 trillion 2024 budget into law on New Year’s Day, assuring Nigerians that the implementation of the budget would be efficiently pursued and vigorously monitored.

Anyway, before you all can deploy the ‘no gree for anybody’ slogan for your respective leaders, it is important to stay informed about your rights, the functions of government institutions, and the policies being implemented.

This will help you make informed decisions and hold elected officials accountable for their actions.

This is also the best time to make use of social media platforms to share accurate information and raise awareness about issues affecting the country.

This year, make we no gree for all talk-and-no-action government o; make we use this trend to expose corruption, demand accountability, and amplify our voices well-well!

Photo source: Presidency


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