Reactions Trail Mohbad’s Death


The efficiency of the Nigerian police is once again being questioned as fans of late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, professionally known as Mohbad, have continued to call for thorough investigations into his death.

The singer, who died on 12 September, 2023, had in June written a letter informing the police of a threat to his life.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) has said that it could not act on the earlier written petition because the late singer never showed up.

This revelation did not go down well with many Nigerians who have questioned why the police did not investigate the alleged harassment and bullying.

One such reaction comes from activist, Omoyele Sowore, who said, ‘The Nigerian Police Force @PoliceNG received this petition regarding threats to the life of Late Aloba Oladimeji “Mohbad” in June 2023, they refused to act claiming he didn’t show up when he was invited to defend his petition against his adversaries but now that he is dead, they want to carry out “diligent investigation” Jokers’!

Also, some videos that surfaced online showed intimidation and harassment carried out on the singer.

The videos led to more questions over the late response of the police to the situation.


In fact, some fans have even gone spiritual on the matter as seen in a video from X.


The police, in another statement, promised to investigate the matter.

‘We understand the concerns surrounding his untimely demise and the various speculations that have arisen’, the statement read.

‘The Nigeria Police Force is committed to a comprehensive investigation into this matter, as the Lagos State Commissioner of Police has been tasked to unravel the circumstances surrounding his death. Rest assured, updates will be provided as investigations unfold’.

Bearing in mind the mistrust that exists between the Nigerian populace and the police, this incident is another one where the police have to prove that they are committed to carrying out their duties diligently.

One of the duties of the police includes the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and regulations. Unfortunately, Nigerians are still in doubt as to how effectively have the police handled this matter.

The police authority must carry out a thorough, unbiased, transparent investigation, fish out those responsible for the singer’s death, and prosecute them accordingly.

Photo source: iammohbad


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