DSS and Garki Market Display

The reported unprofessional conduct of some personnel of the Department of State Services (DSS) in Nigeria is becoming worrisome.

Development Diaries reports that there was tension in Garki Modern Market, Abuja, on 07 September, after an operative of the DSS allegedly shot in the air while attempting to effect a tailor’s arrest.

It was gathered that a woman had invited a DSS operative to accost a tailor she had given cloths to work on, after having delayed the job for some time.

Although the security outfit said in a statement that it had commenced an investigation into the matter, this is not the first time operatives of the DSS would be seen engaging in questionable actions.

The primary responsibility of the DSS includes the collection of intelligence for good governance and national security.

It is absurd to hear that personnel of the DSS, whose primary mission is to protect and defend Nigeria against domestic threats, are involved in ‘settling’ civil disputes.

These unprofessional activities not only jeopardise the security and confidence of Nigerians but also damage the reputation of the country.

It has been three days since the spokesman of the DSS, Peter Afunanya, assured in a statement that details of its investigation into the matter will be communicated as soon as possible.

Development Diaries calls on the DSS authority to ensure a thorough investigation is carried out and proper disciplinary measures are taken against staff found culpable of standard operating procedures.


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