My Safest Bet Was Staying Back in Ethiopia

Rita Namwiza had plans to travel during the Easter period to visit her family in Uganda. However, she has to stay put in Ethiopia and practice social distancing. She had panicked when Ethiopia recorded the first cases of Covid-19.

Rita wrote, ‘[C]alls from my friends started coming in from Uganda. They were terrified because the President was closing the borders and I would not be able to go back home for a while. I panicked, called my mom, my partner, who helped me realise that staying in Ethiopia was my safest bet, that flying would have exposed me and those I love to immeasurable risks. I made peace with my situation’.

Right now, Namwiza is planting flowers to relieve stress. She also checks in with her family and friends regularly. She said, ‘It is OK to be scared, but it is not OK to spread unnecessary fear. Be the light that helps others to remain strong. Above all, do your part, stay home, wash your hands, reach out to those that have less than you do. We have to stand in solidarity because we are in this together. This will only pass if we put in the required work’.

Source: Rita Namwiza

Photo source: Ivan Radic


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