Mozambique: ICRC Records Humanitarian Impact

mozambique humanitaran response

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) in Mozambique says it has supported about 420,000 displaced people in returning to their places of origin.

Development Diaries reports that the armed conflict has resulted in 834,000 people still internally displaced in Cabo Delgado, while a total of one million people are extremely vulnerable due to the impact of the conflict, according to figures from ICRC.

The Cabo Delgado conflict stems from northern Mozambique’s pre-existing socioeconomic marginalisation, political and religious ideology, and inequalities.

It was worsened by the discovery of minerals and natural gas deposits in the region, which has threatened the local population’s livelihood.

The ICRC said it collaborated with the Mozambican Red Cross (CVM) and provided emergency assistance and livelihood support to help internally displaced people (IDPs) and returnees improve their living conditions.

‘In May 2023, the ICRC opened its new office in Mueda to bring humanitarian assistance to people affected by the armed conflict in the north of Cabo Delgado and to develop a sustained humanitarian dialogue with weapon bearers there’, it said in a statement.

ICRC also said it has been able to provide emergency assistance in terms of cash, and essential household items, to improve the living conditions of vulnerable IDP households.

It is understood that the 420,000 people who have returned to their places of origin across the province are now faced with critical needs for livelihoods, shelter, water, food, and other emergency support.

Photo source: ICRC


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