Liberia: VTF Donates to Phebe Hospital

The Varney Taylor Foundation (VTF), a humanitarian organisation, has directed a philanthropic gesture towards Phebe Hospital in Bong County, Liberia. It was noted in media reports that patients at Phebe Hospital were dying for lack of electricity and medical supplies, and that prompted this VTF donation.

The Head of the VTF in Liberia, Professor Matthew Darblo, led a team of four to Phebe Hospital and donated 74 gallons of fuel and a cheque for L$50,000. The Acting Administrator of the hospital, Victor Padmore, thanked VTF for the donations and said they will be used exactly as intended by the VTF. He said that the hospital was facing difficulties due to the economic challenges faced by the country.

Padmore said, ‘We are not here to blame the government. The reality is clear. There are competing priorities and Phebe is not the only hospital going through this in the country. All we can say is that we appreciate whoever comes in to help as the government gets the resources to do what it ought to do. Amid all of the tough economic challenges, Bong County now boasts of the Vice President of the country, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, other Representatives, Senators, and other top business people’.

‘They are aware of what is happening now. We don’t need to beg them. It is up to them to make some sacrifices of their earnings but if they choose not to, at this time, it is also theirs’, he added.

VTF recently paid the tuition of all underprivileged students at Bomi County Community College, St. Dominic Catholic School and Charles Henry Dewey Central High School in Tubmanburg. The foundation also provided textbooks and syllabi of the West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) to the Charles Henry Dewey Central High School to help senior students prepare adequately for their examinations.

Source: Liberian Observer

Photo source: Howard Lake


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