Liberia: SFHI Donates to Children with Autism

Straight from the Heart International (SFHI), the parent organisation of Arthur and Zwannah First Autism Classroom in Liberia (AZFACL), an organisation that advocates and supports the welfare of children with autism and provides them with the requisite education that will make them useful in the society has donated food and non-food items to families of children with autism, spectrum disorder or similar disability in Liberia.

The Executive Director of the organisation, Madam Agnes Fallah Kamara, sourced the resources used to acquire the food and non-food items. The donation is part of the organisation’s effort to support children in such conditions as they stay at home during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The administrator of AZFACL, Michael Gebeh, provided a background of the organisation before disclosing the total package to be distributed to over 20 families in Monrovia and environs. He presented 20 bags of 25kg rice, five boxes of vegetable oil with four gallons in each box, two boxes of bleach containing 12 in each box, and two boxes of powder soap. Other items were 100 pieces of locally made face masks and 20 handwashing buckets.

Gebeh noted that ‘we have our own challenges and could not move at the pace we wanted to move. Then came the [Covid-19], [and] in the midst of the virus people’s attention has drifted from these children. So our parent organisation, [SFHI], launched a fundraiser online, which enabled us to get the money to buy these items so that these children can eat and be protected too, while at home.

‘In some part[s] of the world, these children can come up to be productive, so we know that it is possible in our country. [T]hese children can be productive once care and support are given them’, he added.

A member of the board of AZFACL, Ms Facia Harris, presented the items to the beneficiaries. She noted that it was the organisation’s responsibility to provide support for the children because many of their parents leave them to struggle by themselves. She also urged the parents to adhere to the health protocols as well.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, Madam Sowoneh Kennedy thanked and commended the organisation for their good work and for the donations.

Source: Front Page Africa

Photo source: Jesper Sehested


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