Liberia: PHIL Battles to End Cervical Cancer

Studies show that cervical cancer is the most common cancer affecting women aged 15–44. During the launch of a project that aims to provide access to equitable and efficient cervical cancer screening and treatment across Liberia, the Executive Director of Public Health Initiative of Liberia (PHIL), Joyce Killikpo, said that screening is crucial to early diagnosis and prevention of cervical cancer.

Killikpo disclosed that PHIL has embarked on a cost-effective cervical cancer screening programme and their primary focus is on women who live in the rural areas, who cannot afford the costs but who need screening and treatment. She added that PHIL, which aims to end the scourge, is advocating for the political will and commitment to the fight against cervical cancer in Liberia. She also disclosed that PHIL is working with the Ministry of Health to promote and enhance the quality of health care delivery in Liberia. In her statement, she noted that ‘many women with cervical cancer don’t realise they have the disease early on, because it usually doesn’t cause symptoms until the late stages. When symptoms do appear, they’re easily mistaken for common conditions like menstrual periods and urinary tract infections’.

Source: Front Page Africa

Photo source: Kristin Wall


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