Liberia: Kutoa Afrika Provides Clean Water

Kutoa Afrika

The Kutoa Afrika Foundation has provided a hand pump for Albert Daniel Peabody High School in Marshall City, Liberia’s Margibi County.

Development Diaries reports that the project was completed with support from the National Brotherhood of Hunters.

During the project’s dedication, the foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Gracie Dinkins, emphasised the need for accessible clean water for learners to pursue an education.

‘I believe the reason is that there are future surgeons among you, there are future policemen, future teachers, future nursery and you guys need water to drink so that you can have the strength to study and go on to help Liberia’, he said.

About one in four Liberians does not have access to clean and safe water, according to data from WaterAid. Also, more than 800 children under five die a year from diarrhoea.

For schoolchildren, the lack of WASH facilities in schools spreads disease and results in missed days of learning.

During his remarks, the principal of Albert Daniel Peabody High School, Siplay Nagbe, praised the Kutoa Afrika Foundation for the gesture, adding that it is a timely intervention.

‘We have been crying for drinking water. With the number of students, we have only a pump on campus, and it cannot serve the students. Sometimes it can break down and there can be no drinking water on campus’, Nagbe said.

Improvements in the country’s education sector cannot be achieved without improvements in water and sanitation.

Photo source: FrontPage Africa


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