Liberia: CWN Asks Government to Work Harder

The CSO WASH Network (CWN), a human-rights-based WASH advocacy group that seeks the provision of safe drinking water, improved sanitation, health and nutrition, hygienic behavioural change and sustainable community development, has called on the Liberian government to ensure strict adherence to health protocols in the prevention ofCovid-19.

In an official statement, the CWN said, ‘It has [been] observed that certain individuals, government officials, private citizens, entertainment centres and other institutions are not adhering to the health protocols announced by the Ministry of Health’. The Secretary-General of the CWN, George Kayah, stated that the refusal of such individuals and entertainment centres put the entire country at risk. He therefore called on the government to ensure that Covid-19 protocols are observed and respected by all Liberians.

Kayah added that Liberia as a country with a weak health system must do all it can to avoid the rapid spread of the disease. The CWN Secretary-General also called on civil society organisations to fully support the national Covid-19 Incident Management System (IMS) and the WASH Commission so that better awareness is created in the populace, handwashing material are distributed, community outreach activities to inform, educate and disseminate health messages are carried out, all to win the fight against Covid-19 in Liberia.

Source: Liberian Observer

Photo source: Peter Burka


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